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Pocket Princesses 117: Book Learnin’
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These pie charts made me laugh, and also made me want pie.

Best pie chart ever.
Permalink good morning. (at Island Beach State Park)
Permalink good morning. (at Island Beach State Park)
Permalink which of these is weirder: (1) that i always have a fully-packed beach bag, (2) that’s in the middle of the living room, or (3) that this is basically the cat’s favorite hangout?
Permalink i am kind of “meh” on the 2014 emmys in general but i could relive this moment forever and ever. (pic links to article where the .gif came from.)
also: now i have “dentist song" from little shop of horrors stuck in my head.

GOT's Kit Is Obsessed with Skinny-Dipping

this is really dangerous information for me to have in my possession.