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just in case there are any questions about my personal definition of feminism: do whatever the hell you want, because you want to, but demand equal treatment, respect, and pay for what you’re doing.

working outside the home because you want to? feminism.

being a stay-at-home parent because you want to? feminism.

having to accept less money because you’re a woman, or having to put up with bullshit from people who do not value the importance of raising children, or being stuck in the same job for your entire career with no hope of advancement because you lack a penis? patriarchal bullshit.

i don’t know where this idea that all feminists, to a one, hate men comes from. i know i don’t hate men, and i consider myself a capital-F feminist. most of my capital-F feminist friends, colleagues, and cohorts feel likewise. men, in and of themselves, are fine. they’re fun. they’re useful. we need them to propagate the species.

but they are NOT, in fact, better than women. they’re not worse, either. they’re just different. not in a good way or a bad way, but a different way. the only inherent difference between men and women is gender. i really believe that. and i don’t believe that difference is sufficient to validate millennia of oppression. we are all, save our sexual organs, the same.

i don’t understand the anti-feminist movement. i really think it’s based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what feminism actually is. i don’t want anyone to hand me anything i don’t deserve. i just want people to recognize that my breasts and vagina do not somehow magically invalidate my accomplishments, my intelligence, or my choices.

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let’s see how mad people get because of this

So much yes on this!

apparently i have been doing feminism wrong for 40 years, because i think body hair is gross.
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wait … what?
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