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Permalink broke a crown the other day … the “tooth fairy” was kind enough to leave me a note and a surprise, even though i’m a grownup. (not sure what “good job” i did, though.)
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This Earl of Lemongrab embroidery hoop is now available in my Etsy shop. The punishment for anyone who does not reblog it is ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON.
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What is it about The Capital in The Hunger Games that is so wrong?

Is it the killing of innocent children?

Is it the oppression of the districts?

Is it the media censorship?

Is it the attacks on peaceful protesters? 

Is it the denial of basic human rights?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it’s clear in fiction why is it so hard to see that what’s happening in Ferguson is so wrong?


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recipe found on the internet: a casserole that calls for, basically, three bags of tater tots, six kinds of shredded cheese and/or ”processed cheese product,” and six frozen peas.

comment on the recipe: “delicious! i lightened this up by swapping out all the original ingredients for freeze-dried lentils, almond milk, and hand-picked organically-grown fair-trade cashew blossoms.”

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